Thursday, 23 January 2014

My favourite kids' apps - Nicole

We have a lot of technology in our house and it all gets a lot of use from the children. They have their favourites, and these often change daily.

Here is a quick look at a couple of my current favourites. These aren't detailed reviews, just a snapshot of what we're liking in my house at the moment.

For pre-schoolers/toddlers:

Image from iTunes
My almost 3 year old is incredibly proficient on the iPad. Fortunately she hasn't yet figured out the iTunes password, or we'd be in trouble. She has a lot of apps that she loves playing with, but one that I like best is the Play School Play Time app. I like that it links in with the TV show, so has familiar themes. It helps teach telling the time, understanding that you read from left to right, associating words and pictures with meaning, and understanding sequencing of events. My daughter loves feeding Humpty Dumpty and singing Happy Birthday to him, as well as putting him to bed. I like that it was free.

For school-aged children:

World Atlas by Barefoot Books is one of my eldest daughter's (aged 6) favourite apps. She has spent hours exploring the globe and investigating the different animals. She even did a presentation at school on one of the animals she discovered - the dwarf cuscus.

My own current favourite:

Screenshot from iTunes 

My current personal favourite is iSlash HD. It's one of those mindless, absorbing games that sucks you in and suddenly you've wasted 20 minutes trying to cut shapes into smaller shapes. If I were trying to put an educational slant on it, I'd say it's good for understanding proportions, geometry, developing hand-eye coordination and improving reaction times, but mostly, it's just fun.

I'd love to know what's popular in your house right now. Leave a comment to let me know!

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  1. I showed my sister the Play School Play Time App. She already uses it with her 3 year old at home. I am going to look at World Atlas for my 7 year old and the kids I work with at school. I wasn't aware of that one - thanks!


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