Monday, 3 February 2014

Review: BrainPOP

Name: BrainPOP
Format: Both iOS  & Android
Publisher: BrainPOP
Price in AUD (at time of review): Free version has movies and games - subscription required for expansion topics and wider content.
In app purchases enabled? Full content unlocked with subscription

Age suitable for: Primary School and Secondary School
How can it support learning? Based on videos, games and quizzes across all areas of curriculum. They are sort and fun to keep kids attention and give immediate feedback.
Curriculum links? Many - fits across Australian Curriculum. It is an American resource.

Fiona and Little Tacker’s (LT) Review
We have only used the free version of this on the i-Pad, but really like watching the movies together and working through the quizzes (multiple choice questions). LT does like to sit with his Dad and watch and discuss these videos too. We tend to look at the science topics, but there is a wide range of resources available, including art and music. We would recommend you try the free version and see how useful it is for you and your child/ren before subscribing. Games and other features are accessed via a subscription. I know some schools have invested in BrainPOP, and so may have student subscriptions available - check with your school.  It is a good ‘resource’ and would support homework for upper primary and lower secondary school students. In terms of cyber-safety, it is a good place for kids to explore independently as there are no external web links.

Link to You-tube Trailer:

Rating (out of 5) -  Four stars - we love it, but it would be good to have access to some games in the free version :) 

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