Friday, 24 January 2014

Fun and Creative thinking opportunties

We love technology at our house. My son, Little Tacker (LT) is nearly 8 years old, and has been using technology (computers, smart phones and devices) since he was 1. We love playing games together, and at the moment LT's favourite game is Minecraft. He mostly plays this with his Dad, as it makes me very dizzy :)

I like the opportunities that all games provide for learning in a fun environment. Many of the games we play as a family require creative thinking to problem solve in order progress in the game. As we are on school holidays,  here are 2 apps we are enjoying at the moment. The first is Jigty Puzzles, which allows us to import screen shots and photos of our own to make into jigsaws, as well as having a good range of free jigsaws to try.

Skylanders Lost Islands in the other game we play almost daily, which uses the codes we have for our existing collection of Skylanders to use the characters in this app. It is free to have, but does ask for in app purchases which we don't opt into. The game has it's own currency that you collect through completing tasks and challenges on the islands to collect coins, gems and wish stones. As it is designed for the under 12 market, there are some good features included, like crops do not wither if not harvested.

So that is a quick snapshot of two apps getting a workout at our house at the moment.
Now, for the reviews!
Fiona T

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  1. We have the Skylanders app but haven't gotten around to using it yet - I now know what those cards are for!! Thanks!


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